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Embarrassing Moment #579

I don't think I'm that way off the number either.  I have a truckload of those oh so perfect moments.  Remember?  Now, I have heard that these things happen, but do they REALLY?  Do they happen to you?  Sigh...

Last night I left work to go pick up a couple of things at the grocery store (very snowy night I must add).  As I parked my car, I noticed that I was right beside a car that looks exactly like mine, same colour, same model (almost) except that the license plates were from Florida.  I thought to myself '' wow talk about a bad time to be visiting Montreal!  I wouldn't be here today if  I lived in Florida.''  After I packed my bags in the trunk of my car, I brought back my cart to where it belonged then headed back to my car.

See, this is where I realize it's not really all my fault.  It was snowing a lot so it was just normal that I happen to open the door to someone else's car instead of mine, right?  That poor poor woman.  There I go, opening the door to what I think is my car, then the scream that came out of there gave me the fright of my life!   In those few fractions of a second I thought to myself, "who ON EARTH is sitting in my car??"  Well it didn't take me long to figure that one out.  I peeked over the roof and saw my precious little Saturn on the other side.  Oops!  So I closed the door on her gently, then opened it a little bit again enough to tell her I was so so sorry for scaring her like that.  I even yelled it after I had closed the door to make sure she knew I don't make a habit of breaking into innocent people's cars like that.  Not that I do it to enemies either.

As I was cleaning the snow off my car, I started laughing, so I guess she figured I couldn't be that bad so she got out of her car to have a little chat.  We ended up having  a conversation that lasted a good 30 minutes.  Like I'd known her for a long time!  I kindly asked her why she was here, in Montreal, in the middle of a snowstorm when I figured she comes from Florida.  I also explained to her that Florida is one of the states I'm thinking of relocating to.  She gave me some good information about how to go about getting a visa, how people are over there, what to expect, etc.  The good and the bad.

After wishing each other Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, we parted ways.  I don't think I'll ever forget that moment.  Although it is an embarrassing moment, I got to meet a very nice woman who happened to know what I needed to hear about the choices I'm still trying to make.  Funny how life works don't you think?  I kind of feel bad that I never even asked her her name!  Whoever you are, thank you for turning my crummy day into a great one!


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